Bohemian Affairs organises Bohemian and Vintage events.


‘Bohemian‘.....a native or inhabitant of Bohemia......a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts
To the right, King Wenceslaus 1st of Bohemia (Saint Vaclav)




The first event of Bohemian Affairs will be a Book and Art Fair with antiquarian  books, contemporary art produced by Liverpool Artists, and art for sale on Sunday 1st July. 

Stall are available (£30), so please get in touch



DSCF2918 2



Above, one of the books on sale at the book Art Fair.


Svaty Vaclav

Saint Vaclav

A cantata

JB Foerster



Bohemian Summer Festival 29th June to 1st July 2018

The Book Art Fair is produced by Bohemian Affairs alongside Project Nepomuk. Project Nepomuk is supported by the Arts Council, and is a cross cultural project that will include a concert performance of Nepumuk the Opera on 29th and 30th June in Old Christ Church, Waterloo, as part of a mini Bohemian Summer Festival.

Bohemian Affairs is not supported by the Arts Council, but will give a proportion of any profits from the Book Art Fair towards Project Nepomuk.

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There will be an associated art exhibition, with a chance to buy contemporary art at the intervals of the concerts on the 29th and 30th, and during the day of the 30th.  

There will be a Launch event – a Bohemian Evening of Entertainment with Czech Beer at 19.30pm on March 24th at Casa Bar on Hope Street.  Everyone is invited.  Entrance fee £2 on the door.